Sunday, 27 March 2011

We are off to the races!

What a weekend this has been.  Our Seattle appointment at PNW couldn't have been any better!  We met the Donor Egg counsellor, my Nurse, the fabulous Doctor (Dr. Lorna Marshall), the Donor Cycle coordinator, the Embryologist and the Financial person.  It was the most thorough consultation we have ever undergone and we walked out of there with a donor match (YAY) and a timetable that has an estimated ET date of May 5th!  That is only 6 short weeks away!  We were so fortunate to find a donor that is my ethnicity (I am Asian), is 24 years old (the younger the better), is a proven donor (has had 2 past successful donations of which resulted in pregnancies) and is already on BCP's ready to cycle asap!  We are SO EXCITED!  I am told that usually it takes a few months to find a donor match so we feel that this is very promising - even the PNW team told us that this never happens and we are certainly off to a good start. 

Of course, this is typical of the IF journey - ups and downs, highs and lows so I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic here.  Our chances of success with this young donor is at 80% (70% chance of fraternal twins) so the numbers are good.  I would welcome the opportunity for twins considering the $30K we are spending on this cycle - 2 for 1!  Ideally, DH and I would love 2 children so if we have twins, I could stop there...bonus!

I am already on BCP's and start Lupron on Sunday April 3 - that's a week today!  Everything is happening so quickly and is making me think what could go wrong now?  First I had tubal problems, then egg quality issues so the only thing that could go wrong is my uterus.  As far as I know my uterus is good, no endo, no polyps, cysts, fibroids, etc.  But I can't help but think with my luck something could go wrong here too.

Trying to stay positive is a challenge because of my recent  IVF failure only a week and a half ago.  But I am willing myself to stay positive and hopeful because this will be what will work - I am sure of it.

DH and I booked a trip to Vegas on April 13th to clear our heads and regroup before this next cycle goes full force.  I am definitely looking forward to not stimming on max doses this time around as well as my chances of pregnancy are higher than ever. 

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